Unique Guardianship Pricing

We proud to be the best and best valued guardians you ever come across

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Different Guardianship Plans

With our experience, we have given freedom and choice for parents on choosing the level of services with our guardianship plan. Some parents might want more involvement with us, some might want the minimal service. There are different plans suiting all needs


The economical option
  • This is suitable for students who needs a guardian for school contacts, but does not need accommodation during the holiday. The simple package is popular among those students who are more mature.
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Our Most popular package
  • With a discount to our holiday accommodation, many students enjoy our services under this package. Free Sim card before departure is also available



We provide the best accommodations and hence our students love us and they always bring their friends along. Including in all accommodation price are: vetted host family and staff, a bed, study area, 3 meals a day (with Chinese food) and plenty of activities to do!

Accommodation Bronze

  • Those in our bronze package will pay the standard price accommodation.
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Guest/Emergency Accommodation

For a friend who wants to stay with you
  • Sometimes, what you planned does not turn out. You need somewhere for your child to stay safe. We offer guest and emergency accommodation for those in needs.


What our students say?

do not just talk about it, lets see it!

How to Pay


We proud to be the best and best valued guardians you ever come across


Current Students

We will bill the next term’s invoice 2-3 weeks before term start. Please pay accordingly within 14 days of invoice. Overdue payment will considered as having their place cancelled

New Students

New students must pay the guardianship fee 2 months before the term start as confirmation to appoint us as guardians. The accommodation invoice will sent in 2-3 weeks before term starts.

British Pounds

All price is set in British pounds and parents can arrange to pay direct into our UK company account

Hong Kong Dollars

We accept Hong Kong dollars as payment. Please enquire with us for details

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