Guardianship Service


Aimed for Hong Kong, China and Macau students seeking to study in the UK


No communication problems as our friendly staff liaise in fluent Cantonese and Mandarin


Choose plans based on best suitability for student


Students stay in London centre or with our dedicated host families

UK Education Guardian

Students under 18 years old and have a student visa to study abroad are required to have an English guardian who, under the authority of their parents, manages all student affairs. The guardian must fulfil the school’s basic requirement to attentively handle and resolve any student issues that may arise.


  • Student is unwell, guardian takes student away and looks after him/her until condition improves
  • Student is suspended for breaking school rules, guardian takes student away until suspension ends
  • Student is ill and school can’t get hold of parent to approve medication
  • Guardian need to be available and contactable when requested
  • Safe accommodation allocated in school holidays (half term/exeats)

Unparalleled Service Offering

 Our guardianship service is more extensive than others

  • Contact school on behalf of parents
  • Provide UK education advisory and academic service i.e. Subject choice /university applications
  • Assist student to quickly settle in UK, by providing resourceful information to parent and student so they can have a greater understanding to the UK education system
  • WhatsApp, email, wechat communication with parents
  • Parents contact our hk representatives in local time zone (Diamond only)
  • Provide school start service preparing student for school i.e. Uniform booking/subject choice timetable


Parents receive school report, thinks student has underperformed but can’t fully interpret teacher’s comments.

SOLUTION: Parents ask us for guidance, we explain how UK grading system works and we contact teacher on parent’s behalf asking for advice on how grades can be improved.


Shortly after starting school in the uk, student feels homesick and often calls home to complain. Parents don’t know what to propose.

SOLUTION: We listen to parents talk about the setback and we make recommendations accordingly. We contact housekeeper to inform them about the situation. In some cases, we suggest student to return home temporarily and settle down. 



School contact parents for authorisation of student participation in education pyhschology tests to determine if they will require extra time in exams.

SOLUTION: We explain reasons for extra time, how extra time can benefit student and what to expect in the tests.  We will accompany student to the test and when results are released we will discuss implications with parents.