We are looking for host families that are interested hosting Chinese (Mainly Hong Kong) students who needs to stay over a short period of time, i.e. half-term or weekends. It will be hosting for some exeat weekends, half-terms and possibly term breaks.

The host family will be expected provide a room of his own (or shared with another students if needed), 3 meals a day, and to have supervision at most time. (Just being at home with student, or if you are going to shopping, bring him with you). We pay host family to help with picking up and returning from school. If you cannot help with transport, we will ask the school to organise a taxi for them.

The rate we pay are fairly generous, we pay per day, rather per night, because sometimes the student does not leave the household until late afternoon on Sunday, and arriving just after lunch time. For a weekend, they finish school at 3:30 on Friday, and return to school at 6pm on Sunday, we pay the host 3 days rate.

If this is something interest you, please contact our Host Family Co-Ordinator Gwyn Phillips gwynphillips@anglo-chinese.net