Jan - April

Air Tickets

You should have at least booked your Sept and December return tickets

If you haven’t, you can contact our association in Hong Kong Travel (Based in UK) for your travel needs

Forms (with deadline)

You should submit all forms that have a deadline (i.e. subject choice, preliminary medical history form, guardian appointment form)


Parents in UK

You should now decided whether your parents (or one of them) or you will be travelling to UK for the start of term. If so, you should arrange your air tickets, and look for hotel accommodation

Welcome Pack

If you receive your welcome pack, you need to read and work on it. Submit all forms to school as soon as possible.

Visa Preparation

You need to gather documents (original and copy) in preparation for visa application. You can apply for a visa if you have the CAS number issued by the school from mid of June


Accommodation Requirement Form (Click on icon)

Please fill in this accommodation requirement form by 1st July 2018 to secure your holiday accommodation with Anglo-Chinese. Any delays will result to difficulties in allocating host families and a place at our London Accommodation Centre


Apply for Visa

You need to apply for the visa at the VFS Centre in Causeway Bay (for Hong Kong Students). For more information, please contact your agent for assistance

Welcome Pack

If you receive your welcome pack, you need to read and work on it. Submit all forms to school as soon as possible. If you need to order uniform, you need to follow the instructions on the welcome pack.

Organise your UK trip

You should book your hotels, flights and any transfer as August/Sept is a busy time for tourist. If you need assistance, you can contact our partner Hong Kong Travel at cs@hongkongtravel.co.uk



Receiving holiday accommodation confirmation

We will inform you the host family allocation in August via email. Please have a read and let us know if you have a problem. You can request to visit the host family before your allocatio if you know the dates so we can communicate with the potential host family with the visit requests


Meeting Host family and guardian

If you want to meet the host family or guardian during your visit in UK, you need to email us and let us know when is the best time and date to meet. We need at least 3 weeks notice to arrange the meeting as August is the summer holiday and many families will be abroad at the end of August

August (Before Departure)

School contacts

You should know the time and date for the first day of school. If you are in doubt about directions, please contact school directly

Confirmation of travel plans

Check if all hotels, and transport are booked in advanced. We recommend if you are taking trains, to book tickets in avoid and check the time-table for any disruption to your route due to bank holidays and engineering work

August (Before Departure)

Mobile Phone

Activate your sim card online. You can check our our sim card guide (available via email) on how to activate and top up your card before you depart. Share your UK mobile to the school and anyone in the UK if you need to meet them


Reconfirm your meetings

You should reconfirm your meetings with your guardian or host family before you depart. Reconfirm the time and where to meet to avoid disappointment.

Pay the first term invoice

You will receive the first term invoice (containing payments for accommodation) in middle of August. Please make sure you arrange payment before you depart for the UK