I would like to thank you for your care and consideration given to Beatrice while she was with you.  Beatrice had a wonderful time.  She enjoyed very much the birthday cake you prepared for her ——- that was very thoughtful of you and meant a lot to someone who is miles away from home. I hope you would not mind Beatrice going back to your place during future breaks.  I know Beatrice loves to go to your place when she has the chance.

Samuel - Parent to guardianship student

Thank you for your advice and care for Winnie

Hoxea - Parent to guardianship student

I am so happy to come to your place for exeat and half term. We can have hot pot, dim sum and bring us shopping. When I first met you, I already know you are a friendly person, and so happy to have Chinese every time I visit you.

Stephanie - Guardianship student

St Margaret’s School

I had a really nice stay throughout half term in eve`s place and it is definitely more than just a shelter.  I got to know some good friends and the meals are also terrific! With everyone studying under the roof, I too felt a motivation to study and it is a great place in general.

Natalie - Guardianship student

Royal Bath School

Signing up for Anglo-Chinese makes me feel at home. Eve and other fellow boarders, always gives me many useful advice allowing me to quickly settle into UK life.

Boris - Guardianship student

King's Ely International

The environment here is lovely. You can make a lot of new friends and play together. The best thing here is that the Chinese meals are delicious and there is hotpot at the end of half term!

Melody - Guardianship student

Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls

It is nice to stay in Eve’s apartment during holiday. It is a place that I can relax and make friends outside school. The staff are friendly and nice who always give me support when I am struggling outside school.

Marco - Guardianship student

Bedford College

Nice and efficient staff, they replied our messages quickly, they are responsible, the students are safe to live in there, it is really a nice place to stay.

Lamme - Guardianship student

Kimbolton School

I have my best memory here in Worcester. I met two lovely teachers who are Michael and Fernanda. They taught me a lot of knowledge about England and accompanied us to many historical monuments. I will never forget the days in Worcester

From Hong Kong - Summer school student

Loved Worcester. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the time here I learned a lot of English and new things at the University of Worcester.

Rachel from Hong Kong - Summer School student

This summer camp is very fun. I like it. Fun game, fun sports. In Worcester, I met a lot of friends and teachers, there are fun, a lot of sport and games to play

Macau Summer School student

Eve is a nice and considerate guardian. She provides us with individual guidance for UCAS university applications and helpful information about subject choices for the British education system. Additionally, Eve also provides us with delicious Chinese cuisines.

Nessie - Guardianship student

Dauntsey's school

I really appreciate the guardianship Eve and her colleagues offer. It really has given me enough emotional and academic support and has made my studies abroad more enjoyable. I also really value the friendships I have built here.

Kristy - Guardianship student

Leweston school

Thank you for everything over the past 5 years. Half terms and exeats are definitely the my best times in the UK. Food is good, the people are nice and we get a lot of freedom as soon as we are sensible. Thank you for bring us to yum cha and hot pot is always my favourite. The place is literally so vibrant and lively, even 5 am in the morning.

Alex - Guardianship student

City of London Freeman's

I still remember the first time going to your home, I was shy but I got on really well. I knew so many friends. Thank you for bring us to have dim sum and Hotpot. I am really glad that you are my guardian.

Chloe - Guardianship student

Haberdashers' Monmouth school for Girls

I had a very nice time staying in Eve’s place during half term especially the meals, they are wonderful. Also, everyone are so nice, you can definitely make new friends there. It is very important to a new boarder like me, I felt at home when staying in eve’s place.

Bonnie - Guardianship student

Mayfield School

Thank you for your very detailed arrangement for Rachel’s holiday

Jimmie - Parent to guardianship student

I can see from your Facebook that you have done a lot of summer activities for your project during this summer holiday.  Great job!

Sheila - Parent to guardianship student

Thank you for being my guardian. In this year, I can eat so many Chinese food, and compare to my previous guardian, you are so much better.

Staying at your house feel so relax and fun, thank you! I will miss your cooking. P.S I think you cook better than my mom

Kathy - Guardianship student

St Margaret’s School

It is great to stay there because the location of the house is easy to access and I enjoy the Chinese meals

Eason - Guardianship student

Bedford College

It is like a hub with different people and you can make a lot new friends here. This is an invaluable experience for me.

Vicky - Guardianship student

Leweston School

Great accommodation, delicious food, friendly staff . Would highly recommend !

Kevin - Guardianship student

Shrewsbury School

Eve, you have always been a brilliant guardian and able to provide support for my academic study as well as school documents. I really appreciate to have you as my guardian and thank you so much for all your effort in smoothing my abroad study.

Chak - Guardianship student

Ashford School

I think it’s a really nice place for revision and study. Also, the atmosphere there is always good we can make lots of friends at the same time. All the staff there are really friendly and helpful. We are allowed to have some fun in the evening. It was a really lovely time to stay there.

Kelsey and Sherry - Guardianship students

Pangbourne College

I enjoyed the time at the University of Worcester. I hope to have the next time visit.

Fan Fan from Hong Kong - Summer School student

I enjoy this camp. This camp makes me more relaxed expand my horizon, open my brain a little

Steve from Hong Kong - Summer School student

The day when I went to Strafford is my favourite day. I learnt lots of culture about Shakespeare

Joy from Guangzhou - Summer School student

It is the ideal place a student would like to be staying over the half term. Located in Catford, with great accessibility and flexibility, Bromley 28 provides a warm environment and idyllic hospitality for students. Moreover, it is a tremendous opportunity for teenagers to expand their social network and develop communication skills

Jason - Guardianship student

Whitgift school

I met a lot of friends during my half-term stay in London. I very enjoyed my time there. Staff here is very polite and helpful, and willing to help for any queries

Alex - Guardianship student

Queen Ethelburga's school

It’s my first year studying in the UK and I am glad that i have Eve as my guardian. We have Chinese food for most of the time and it’s very authentic and delicious. She is different from the other companies as Eve will always ask and update our travel arrangements and make sure we’re safe.

Natalie - Guardianship student

Wymondham College

I have been hosting a student from ACSS for a few years and have always found them very thoughtful in their student placements, always contactable and helpful.

A very organised, pleasant company to work with!

Sue - Host Family

我是Darwin 的媽媽,很感謝一直以來監護人公司對我們的幫助,由其是Michell,由於我的英文不好,所以每次有事我總是第一時間找她幫忙,她也總會盡快幫我解決。有一次longweekend 寄宿家庭忘了接Darwin,那時她正在休假,在接到我的電話後依然如往常一樣幫助我,跟蹤事情的緣由,對於她的每次幫助,我都由衷的感謝!還有一位同事 Wai-Kin 也很認真負責,由此之前的事件,他在下一個的longweekend 除了特別提醒寄宿家庭外,還電話跟進,直到接到Darwin並與他通話後聯絡我為止。我覺得很幸運可以找到這家監護人公司,對我而言,既沒有語言障礙又減少了很多顧慮,而且還可以了解很多英國的人文習慣⋯再次向你們表示衷心的感謝

Mrs Lo - Parent of guardianship student

Thank you for your details arrangements for next year. Referred 3 students to ACSS

Ceci - Parent to guardianship student

Everytime I come to your home I am happy, because we can have hot pot, BBQ, eat Chinese, have dim sum and go to Chinese supermarket. I appreciate your effort cooking for us every night, and taking us to shopping. Everytime I got a question, you are so willing to answer. This is my first time going abroad and studying, and very happy that you are my guardian.

Celia - Guardianship student

St Margaret’s school

The staff can get back to your messages quickly and explain things quite well. I think this is important in case something urgent happens. Also, it’s awesome for my mom because she doesn’t speak English and here they can communicate in both languages.

Anna - Guardianship student

Bromsgrove School

I’ve been staying with this guardian for 2 years. I’ve met a lot of good friends and we all support each other. It is a good place to find friend outside the school and is a kind and friendly atmosphere to stay in!

Winnie - Guardianship student

The Royal Masonic School for Girls

I especially enjoy staying with Eve because we get to meet lots of new friends and have really nice food. A rare occasion to chat in my mother tongue and eat Chinese food.

The location is is close to London city centre, so we could always go out and have some fun anytime.

I think Eve is a great guardian always making sure we’re safe and sound.

Coco - Guardianship student

New Hall School

I enjoyed my guardianship with Anglo-Chinese Student Services; the authentic Chinese food is very good and my guardian is very responsible and caring regarding our well-being. The rooms we lived in were also very comfortable with many entertainment facilities and a spacious area for us to work in.

Mioie - Guardianship student

City of London Freemans

The staff are responsible and keep contact us during half term or any holiday to make sure we know where we go and arrange the transport for us to get there and to ensure we are safe. That is important for my parents. Therefore they don’t need to worries in long distance. I like the accommodation as well. especially is the Chinese food makes me feel like staying at home.

Tammy - Guardianship student

Kent College

My experience with ACSS has been thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve been able to meet new friends through staying with my guardian, who have worked tirelessly to ensure my stays have been fun and homely

Hiu Ki - Guardianship student

I will tell my friends and family that my time in Worcester is very interesting. We did lots of activities that I have never tried before. It’s a previous opportunity for me to go to Worcester. It’s a great place for me. I would like to go to Worcester again if I could!

Alex from Hong Kong - Summer School Student

I’ve do a lot of fun things (like sports day, shopping…) And the teachers are very nice. But all I want to say I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Macau Summer School student

Is very good and funny, interesting, amazing, something is terrible but is still very good, we have a very good time

Gordon from Macau - Summer School student

I recommend staying at Eve’s because I found it really comfortable and safe. Also a great place to make friends, many of whom I still keep in touch with. I found it to be a very supportive environment with clean living spaces, not to mention the delicious Chinese food!

Marina - Guardianship student

Anglo-Hockerill-European College

Eve is a very nice guardian. She enjoys talking to students and makes sure that we are well taken care of during the half term. The Chinese food served is delicious and there is hotpot as well. We even went out for sushi once. In my first year of studying in the UK, I am glad to have Eve as my guardian.

Clement - Guardianship student

Brighton College

Mr. Hui - Parent of Guardianship student

The Anglo-Chinese Team is very helpful. Eve provided us very good service, she even helped my daughter to order party dress online. My Education Consultant Wai-Kin always responds to my enquiries and requests efficiently and effectively. The holiday accommodation is very good. My daughter liked the food, the staff and her roommates. They were all very nice.
The safety of my child is my priority concern. Luckily Anglo-Chinese can give me a peace in my mind. My Education Consultant Wai-Kin is always there whenever my child needs help.
Amy - parent of guardianship student

To all parents

I am Richard law dad, sam law. Before my child go to UK, I know about anglo-chinese via a friend’s recommendation. After we met Eve, she always explain in details about studying abroad and what to beware of in daily lives. After that, I let Eve to take care of everything for my son in the uk (Just like how the Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin, you ask for it you get it). I feel relax and comfortable with all the services provided, the host family is good, the guardian with responsibility, and always look out for my child and let me know immediately. The transport arrangement for my child is arranged perfectly as well, and paired with the actual circumstance for my child’s education, without us worrying, they are a trustworthy company.

Mr Law - Parent of guardianship student