Our History

Anglo-Chinese Students Services (ACSS) was formed in 2012 and has been committed to provide education related services to Hong Kong, Macau and China students, wanting to study in British boarding schools.

Our aim is to give the best possible guardianship experience to students throughout their studies in the UK and help them quickly settle into British life. We ensure that all our students’ welfare needs are met and offers parents re-assurance that we always maintain high levels of communication with parents, schools and host families. We have expanded our education spectrum to offer other education related services, such as education tours, school visit tours and summer schools. All ACSS staff have completed the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS) Safeguarding and Child Protection training course.

ACSS’s portfolio of Services include:

We offer local fully vetted host families in school holidays (Exeats/Half-Term) and any other time that accommodation is required, for instance, a student’s flight has arrived early but school hasn’t opened.  We choose the host family based on suitability, we understand that it’s essential in keeping children comfortable and satisfied with their home stay surroundings.  Currently we provide our highly trusted guardianship services to a plethora of Chinese students aged 12-18, from prestigious UK boarding schools such as Harrow, Shrewsbury, Queen Ethelburga’s and Eton College.

Most recently we organised the Tea-Learning Summer School at the University of Worcester, with the aim to strongly encourage British cultural values. Students learn in a fun and pro-active environment, whilst moving away from the traditional tour rand play element. In the long term, we want to continuously promote a range of distinctive summer school programmes, as the first step to UK education.

In October 2011, ACSS co-ordinated the Hong Kong Council of Social Service UK tour. Since 2016, we have successfully arranged Summer Schools and Tours with, Skola English School, Churchill House Summer Centre, Yu Language Academy, Living Learning English amongst many others.